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How Extensions Are Removed Safely

It’s always best to seek a professional stylist who can safely remove hair extensions, and we advise going back to the salon where you had your extensions fitted.
Have you been worrying about the removal process of hair extensions? We are here to take you behind the scenes and talk you through how each extension method is removed. At Vixen and Blush we offer 4 different methods, Tape extensions which are a semi-permanent method. Micro Rings and Micro Bonds which are a permanent method and Clip In extensions which are a temporary option.
Clip In Hair Extensions
As Clip-In extensions are a temporary method, we advise never sleeping in them and easily clipping them in and out when needed. It’s best to keep your Clip-ins in the extension bag you receive when purchasing to ensure they are kept in the best condition.
Tape-In Hair Extensions
Tape extensions are our semi-permanent method which lasts between 6 weeks. We remove the tape hair and can refit it again with new tape applied. Some clients are still using the same hair after 10 months.
I-Tip Extensions
I-tip extensions are a very popular method, individual strands of hair are fitted to your hair using a small metal ring. No heat or glue is needed to attach the strands, instead the metal ring is clamped closed to secure the new hair.

The fitting and removal process is very easy and safe. You simply open the metal micro ring to release the stand. We then re-fit the hair, as the hair can be re-used many times, it makes this method an affordable way of wearing hair extensions for the longer term.
K-Tip Extensions
Micro Bond extensions are a permanent method that lasts for 3-5 months. This method requires a high level of technical skill and is perfect for finer hair types. K-tip extensions are fitted by taking a small safe section of your hair and rolling a keratin tipped strand of hair. As the bonds are heated and reformed in your hair, they do need to be removed by a skilled professional with a gel remover. K-tip extensions are not reusable so new hair is needed each time.
How does the removal process have no damage?
At Hidden Beauty, we are hair extension specialists, and the health of your own hair is very important to us! The removal process is just as important as the fitting process, and we take the time to do it right. We use the best professional products, and all of our team members are experienced hair extensionists. Having damage from hair extensions should never be a problem. Damage from hair extensions can occur when a DIY or inexperienced, under-qualified technician is involved. Make sure you go to a hair extension specialist salon for your fitting and removal.
Will I lose any of my own hair during the removal?
No matter which method you have, your hair extensions will have been in place for a considerable amount of time. During that time, some of your individual hairs have shed, which is a natural process.

These hairs had been held in place by the bonds/bead and so at the removal, these hairs will be released and will fall away – this is natural shedding. After having your hair extensions removed your hair will look the same as it did prior to having extensions fitted.

If you have any more questions about the fitting and removal process, our talented team of stylists will be able to answer any questions you do have at your consultation and during your fitting appointment.
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