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Get Perfect Highlights Every Time by Asking These Key Questions

For a long time, going into the salon for highlights was just as simple as that. There really wasn’t a lot to it, and everyone’s highlights generally looked the same. Now highlights are so customized that depending on how your stylist does your highlights, it can completely change how your hair turns out, how it lasts, how your highlights grow out, and how your hair will feel afterward. After doing hair for over 12 years, I have figured out a few points that must be discussed before giving a client highlights to ensure that they leave happy and love their highlights. I want to share what you should know, as well as, what to ask when getting highlights.

What You Should Know

“Highlights” Doesn’t Mean What It Used To
Always properly exfoliate your scalp. Now I’m not talking about harsh scrubs or harsh tools to aggravate your scalp. Your scalp is like soft leather… I’m talking about using the pads of your fingertips. The pads of your fingertips have just enough friction to remove dandruff build-up while shampooing on your first and second shampoo. You should always apply circulation to the scalp to remove build-up and dandruff and to open up those hair follicles.
There are different techniques to achieve highlights
For years, highlights were done by pulling hair through a cap, and over the years, it became popular to get highlights applied using foil. Then balayage become popular. (Yes, balayage is a technique, NOT a look. More on that later, though.) If you visit an upscale or modern salon today, you might hear technique terms like babylights, teasy lights, faux-layage, or the latest airtouch. If you haven’t heard of some of these, don’t stress. You don’t need to really know what each one is, just know they exist and know that they are all ways to achieve highlights. Your stylist will use their expertise to choose the best technique for your hair and your goal.

What You Should Know

How light do you predict my hair can get in a single appointment?
Have your stylist show you their color chart. This way, you will know what color your highlights will truly be when the toner she applies fades off. Then you will know how to maintain your highlights at home best.
Will my highlights grow out soft, or will I need to return for a root smudge?
This is a tough one because if you ask any stylist nowadays, they will say your highlights will grow out soft when in reality they might not. It sadly becomes a common selling point that sometimes doesn’t hold up. Your stylist can feather your highlights but if your hair is naturally dark and you get a ton of highlights, there will be a noticeable root in a couple of months, no matter what, which is totally ok! It’s just something to be aware of so you will know what the maintenance routine is going to need to be.

Rule of thumb: the more highlights you are adding, the more likely you will need to go back to the salon for a root smudge in a couple of months.
How can I keep my hair healthy after getting highlights?
Your stylist should be recommending a moisture & protein products specific for your hair type, a serum with heat protectant and a deep conditioning repair mask. Highlights, even if done carefully, will rough up and dry out your hair strands so its crucial to make sure you are routinely adding back in moisture and protein for the first few months after getting highlights.
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