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3 Tips for a Healthy Scalp

3 Expert essential tips that you should be doing to Recover your scalp health, Restore hair health and grow stronger, longer hair.
Always shampoo twice
Always shampoo twice. When you shampoo twice, you are properly removing the buildup and unclogging the follicles. Properly removing build-up opens up the follicle to breathe and flourish. It is essential to learn to listen to your scalp‘s balance. If your scalp is dry and itchy, building up with dandruff or smelly, it is saying it needs to be shampooed. Clogged follicles can slow down the potential growth that you could have. If your scalp is becoming oily after day 2 of shampooing, your scalp is producing a natural occurrence of sebum. This is how your scalp replenishes itself. You should be using a professional-grade sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your canvas. If not, you risk a scalp clog… think clogged pipes? I know, gross. Your scalp is saying, “Please shampoo me”
Always properly exfoliate your scalp
Always properly exfoliate your scalp. Now I’m not talking about harsh scrubs or harsh tools to aggravate your scalp. Your scalp is like soft leather… I’m talking about using the pads of your fingertips. The pads of your fingertips have just enough friction to remove dandruff build-up while shampooing on your first and second shampoo. You should always apply circulation to the scalp to remove build-up and dandruff and to open up those hair follicles.
Use scalp oils and butters as directed
Use scalp oils and butters as directed. Don’t over-apply. If your scalp is warm and glowy, it’s healthy and needs no additional help. If it is dry, that’s your alert to nourish it with scalp care. Always apply a thin layer and allow the scalp to absorb. Every 3 days is the sweet spot. Over-applying will only clog and way down your scalp. Think over watering grass….

Make it a goal this week to take out a mirror and look at your scalp closely. Ask yourself, what is my scalp saying to me?
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